LYRICS: Falling At Your Feet


  • Duals Track 3 (Daniel Lanois & Bono)


Every chip from every cup
Every promise given up
Every reason it’s not enough
Is falling, falling at your feet
Everyone who needs a friend
Every life that has no end
Every knee not ready to bend
Is falling, falling at your feet
I’ve come crawling
Falling at your feet

All fall down (7x repeat)


Every teenager with acne
Every face that’s spoiled by beauty
Every adult tamed by duty
All falling…they’re all falling at your feet
Every eye closed by a bruise
Every player who just can’t lose
Every popstar hurling abuse
Every dropout going to booze
All falling…all falling at your feet
Ooh..aah falling at your feet

(All fall down)
All the information
All the big ideas
All the radio waves
Electronic seas
How to navigate
How to simply be
To know when to wait
This blessed simplicity
In whom shall I trust
And how might I be still
Teach me to surrender
Not my will, thy will